Vention Thunderbolt 3 Dock USB Hub Type C to HDMI USB3.0 RJ45 Adapter

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There are 5 models optional, each model has different interface and appearance:
(1) New 5-in-1 Model(TGDHB): RJ45+3*USB3.0+PD
(2) New 5-in-1 Model(CNBHB): HDMI+3*USB3.0+PD
(3) New 6-in-1 Model(CNCHB): HDMI+3*USB3.0+RJ45+PD
(4) New 8-in-1 Model(CNDHB): HDMI+3*USB3.0+RJ45+SD+TF+PD
(5) 9-in-1 Model(CGNHA): HDMI+3*USB3.0+RJ45+SD+TF++3.5mm+PD


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NEW-TGD – 5 in 1, NEW-CNB-5 in 1, NEW-CNC-6 in 1, NEW-CND-8 in 1, CGN-9 in 1